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“After a bad jump crash early this spring landed me in the hospital with chest contusions, bruised ribs, and cervical sprain and strain, I thought I would be off the water for at least a few months. Five days after the accident, I went to see Barbie.  At the time, I couldn’t shut a door, lay down on my own or even brush my hair or dress myself. She understood what my body had been through and after one visit I walked out feeling like a new person. After a few more visits and two weeks later I was back on the water and fellow skiers were calling me “super woman”— amazed by my quick recovery. She uses a combination of treatments and the one-on-one attention is unparalleled by any other type of physical therapy I’ve ever received. Barbie’s knowledge and passion is obvious when you talk to her about her practice but the true testimony is in the way she makes me feel. She is my magic worker and I’d recommend her to anyone—from people with a nagging pain to athletes with serious injuries.”

Krista Rogers,
25 years old
Two time national champion and pro water skier.

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L.L. - Murrieta,
October 12, 2012
She Improved my Quality of Life
Barbie Thomas is an amazing physical therapist and I feel especially grateful to have met someone that is such a caring professional. I have bulged discs in my neck and was experiencing pain with limited range of motion. Barbie was able to help me get relief after the first visit. I now can turn my neck and do things I was not able to do before. The quality of my life has immensely improved. She gave me the focused attention I needed and showed me exercises that helped stabilize my neck. She put together a treatment plan that I can refer to in the future. I don’t think I could thank Barbie Thomas enough for her help.
R.M. - Wildomar,
May 5, 2012
Your Work was Great!
I wanted to let you know that yesterday's work was great! Last night, I was able to sleep and my lower back is stress free. This morning, I rolled out the ball and completed those exercises. That area was a little locked up again, but not nearly so much, and it worked out well after the side to side movement. Thanks for all of the innovative approaches to stretching and accessing/activating difficult spots.
B. - Menifee, CA,
November 14, 2011
She is extraordinarily and genuinely deeply caring
I was originally referred to Barbie Thomas by my Rheumatologist. I was not asked to write this letter, I am not a relative of Barbie’s, nor do I have any financial interest in her business. I certainly count her to be a friend. This friendship is a result of my visiting her many times in the past two years for treatment related to chronic medical difficulties and unusual post-surgical trauma, and the trust that I quickly developed in her knowledge and abilities.

I’ve been treated by good doctors and good physical therapists for my physical problems for many years. The difference that I’ve found in Barbie’s treatment is that she has a rare ability to not only apply her exceptional giftedness as a physical therapist, but in addition, she is extraordinarily and genuinely deeply caring as a person. I am convinced that she is perfectly suited to her chosen profession.

You might expect all “caregivers” to be “caring” people. Sadly, this has not been my experience. I am convinced that Barbie is simply wired to not only be at the top of her game as a physical therapy professional, but also is simply unable to be anything but a very warm and caring person. The combination yields more than the sum of the parts. I firmly believe that for healing to be most effective, what is needed is the right “medicine”, plus the positive encouragement and tender spirit that you will find in someone like Barbie Thomas.

She has helped me greatly to be more physically functional, and this has contributed immeasurably to my quality of life. I could not recommend her more highly and consider myself very blessed to know her and to be in her care.
R.M. - Wildomar,
June 17, 2011
My Neck is Greaty Improved
Hi Barbie,
I wanted to let you know that the nororious spot in my back has retreated even further. After you worked on my neck – which is greatly improved – I noticed that my back tightness was better. The next day it continued to feel better and has become more of a soreness than a really tight knot there. It has been unwinding since Friday. Anyhowk, thanks so much for finding those nagging sposts and getting after them. That neck one had been there so long I had given up.
L.E. - Murrieta, CA,
March 20, 2011
She is a Complete Physical Therapist
Barbie has found her niche in life. She is a complete Physical Therapist, understanding the body and pain and offering a variety of treatments with pin point accuracy that are nearly psychic in nature. Her demeanor is kind, comforting and always positive. Barbie freely shares her knowledge to promote our overall fitness and health. She keeps current on information and theories. One can tell she loves what she does by her results.
N.A. - Temecula,
March 11, 2011
The Best MPT In The WORLD
Hi Barbie,
Wanted to tell you that I was talking to my brother tonight. He was getting my take on my experience (in therapy)an in the conversation I started telling him about you. I told him how you have explained so much to me about body mechanics, compensation, having to re-teach the muscles. He said with great enthusiasm, “My gosh! That is GREAT. You are getting the absolute cream of the crop quality care.”
I was so proud of you and know that I have the best MPT in the WORLD!
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